G-WFZF0YG8WS CC: Let's Talk Sex, Parent, Kids and the Sex Talk W_Teah Williams- Hampton, LCSW, Season - Episode 6 - Common Conversations

Episode 6

Published on:

5th Jan 2024

CC: Let's Talk Sex, Parent, Kids and the Sex Talk W_Teah Williams- Hampton, LCSW, Season - Episode 6

Episode 6: Common Convo, Let’s Talk Sex….

Talking with Kids about Sex

Podcast Host: Miguel Hampton, Riece Hamilton, Ashley Anderson,

Podcast Guest:  Parent, Teah Williams-Hampton

Program: This podcast focuses on sexual health and demystifying various topics that impact the physical, social, and emotional aspects of intimacy. It was developed to address stigma around sexual topics so that the general public can obtain accurate yet relatable content on a variety of sexual health topics. The theme of this program centers on exploring sex as a quality of life issue.

EP Description:  This episode focuses on how to have discussions about healthy sex and relationships with children. In particular it explores consent concerns (Female)…

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“This program is supported by the Health Equity Innovation Hub at the University of Louisville. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the funder”.  

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Common Conversations
w/ That Guy Miguel H. & Friends!
Common Conversations w/ "That Guy" Miguel H.

Creative business guy having extraordinary candid, stimulating and vulnerable conversations from losing our virginity to Black economics. No topic is off the table. We laugh, cry, agree to disagree. And if our conversation isn’t something you can relate to, it is definitely something that you will learn from.

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Miguel Hampton

Aka: "That Guy"
City: Does it Matter?
Power Statement: “In order to achieve what one has not achieved, one must do what they have never done”.

Miguel is a published photographer, an award winning community business advocate and multi-talented self-starter with a diverse-managerial background. Miguel has experience in downsizing strategies which include the refocus of management, consumer and employee development/retention, brand marketing, public relations, as well as multi-level retail management.

After aggressively climbing the corporate retail ladder, Miguel chose to make a career change from retail into marketing. Where he spent several years as a Senior Sales Representative and later the VP of Sales, he later returned to retail for a short stint prior to birthing F5 Enterprises, LLC in 2007. Recognizing the changing business and economic climate; like many businesses, Miguel has begun to change his traditional business model into more of a hybrid business model.

• In 2012, Miguel launched his own line of healthy, fresh ready to eat salsas and dips called Sancho Miguel’s Salsa.
• In 2014, Miguel launched a series of Branding Workshops, Women Empowerment Events, Fashion Shows, and community 5K Run lifestyle events.
• In 2018, Miguel opened his newest photography studio and creative working space called the Ink Spot Creative Cafe.

• Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Wilberforce University (HBCU).
• Master in the Science of Management from Indiana Wesleyan.

Among being a Graphic Designer, Published Photographer, Consultant, Husband and Father, Miguel is deeply engaged in the local business community in both So. Indiana as well as Louisville KY through extensive volunteer efforts and community outreach.

Miguel is available for motivational speaking, panel discussion and business coaching.